What Is the Benefit of Collagen Induction Therapy?


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The benefits of collagen induction therapy include minimized appearance of wrinkles and scars through a procedure that does not damage surrounding tissues, explains the Partners in Healthcare Naturally. The procedure produces a repigmentation of the skin, lifts inner tissues toward the skin level and softens scar edges.

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Collagen induction therapy is considered beneficial because the healing period takes approximately 24 hours, the procedure can be performed on thin skin, and the skin is not permanently damaged, according to the Partners in Healthcare Naturally. The procedure is performed with anesthesia to minimize or eliminate pain and can be performed on laser resurfaced skin. Patients can also opt to repeat the procedure for better results.

Collagen induction therapy is performed on all areas of the body to reduce the depth of scars and appearance of wrinkles, explains the Partners in Healthcare Naturally. Areas of the body most commonly treated include the hands, arms, chest, neck, face, abdomen and thighs. The procedure is performed with a sterile roller with microneedles that create channels into deep skin layers. The process stimulates the body's production of collagen. Most patients see results within three to nine months after collagen induction therapy, although results vary based on skin type and depth of scars or wrinkles.

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