What Are Some Beneficial Vitamin Supplements for Women?


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Beneficial vitamin supplements for women include B vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin A. The most appropriate choice of supplements depends on the woman’s diet. Women considering vitamin supplements need to consider the health of their bones and the effects of these supplements on childbirth, notes Sascha De Gersdorff for Women’s Health.

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Vitamin A supplements are beneficial for women who wish to have glowing skin and improved function of their immune system. This vitamin supplement helps to prevent the development of skin cancer or melanoma. Vitamin A also helps to improve a woman’s vision, explains Kristen Stewart for Everyday Health. However, excessive consumption of vitamin A supplements can be toxic because they are fat-soluble. Supplementation is often not necessary for this vitamin. Women who choose to use vitamin A supplements should consult a doctor for information on correct dosage.

B vitamin supplements are also beneficial for a woman’s health. Vitamin B6 boosts metabolism and brain function, and helps to prevent anemia. Expectant women especially need B vitamin folic acid to reduce the chances of developing neural tube defects, reports WebMD.

Vitamin D supplements are also essential for women’s health. Sufficient amounts of vitamin D boost fertility and are good for the development of healthy bones, according to Stewart. Vitamin D also offers women protection against breast cancer, diabetes and ovarian cancer, explains De Gersdorff.

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