Does Benefiber Contain Aspartame?


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As of 2015, unflavored Benefiber powder, Benefiber Healthy Shape and stick packs do not contain aspartame. Benefiber kiwi-strawberry-flavored stick packs do contain aspartame, according to Benefiber. Individuals should check the ingredient label to determine if a specific Benefiber product contains aspartame.

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The main ingredient in all Benefiber products is wheat dextrin, a clear, taste-free and dissolvable form of soluble fiber, states Benefiber. The powder is ideal for mixing into hot drinks, cold drinks or soft foods, such as applesauce, yogurt or pudding. Individuals should not mix Benefiber into carbonated beverages. Incorporating unflavored Benefiber into muffins, soups or sauces adds fiber to the food without altering the taste or consistency.

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