What Are the Bench Press Standards for a Teen?


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Bench press standards are denoted by several factors, including the body weight of the athlete, the level of expertise and the gender. Generally, weightlifters fall under the categories of untrained, novice, intermediate, advanced or elite. When teens bench press reps in competitions, females lift at least 50 percent of their body weight, while male contenders lift their overall weight, according to the Southern Powerlifting Federation.

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What Are the Bench Press Standards for a Teen?
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When executing a bench press, the bar on the weightlifting equipment must touch the weightlifter's chest before the barbell is fully extended. The weightlifter's buttocks must stay on the bench during the entire part of the activity. In addition, the feet of the athlete must stay still and remain on the floor. While the buttocks and feet must stay in-place, the head can move during the activity.

In teen power-lifting competitions, the number of completed reps are counted by a single judge. Contestants cannot pause nor rest while executing a rep. Only one attempt is made to complete as many reps as possible. Participants are not permitted to make any more attempts.

According to the rules of the Southern Powerlifting Federation, power-lifting contenders must also wear a singlet and shoes, as well as wrist wraps and a belt. Chalk can be used to obtain a good grip on the barbell or weightlifting equipment.

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