What Is Behcet's Syndrome?


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Behcet's syndrome is a rare condition where blood vessels all throughout the body become abnormally inflamed, explains Mayo Clinic. The disease is variable in where it produces symptoms and can appear and disappear without any obvious cause. Behcet's causes sores in the areas affected.

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Behcet's syndrome can cause external, visible symptoms and internal symptoms, states Mayo Clinic. Visible sores include those on the eyes, mouth, skin and genitals. Internal lesions can cause problems with the vascular system, brain, digestive system and joints. Sores on the eyes are a potential major complication of Behcet's syndrome and can lead to blindness if they appear on the retina. In the mouth or genitals, Behcet's syndrome can cause open sores known as ulcers. Sores on the skin can look similar to pimples or be red raised nodules.

Inflammation of the vascular system from Behcet's syndrome can cause blood clots or even aneurysms, according to Mayo Clinic. In the brain, the condition can cause neurological symptoms such as disorientation and headache, and can also lead to stroke. In the digestive system, Behcet's syndrome can cause bleeding, abdominal pain and diarrhea. It can also cause swelling and pain in the joints. In many cases, the symptoms of Behcet's syndrome last a few weeks and then go away, but they can return and also cause scarring.

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