What Are Some Beginning Yoga Poses for Seniors?


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Some beginning yoga poses for seniors include mountain pose, child pose, downward-facing dog and tree pose. Seniors must hold any postures with awareness, in a steady and relaxed manner.

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When pulling the mountain pose, stand tall with feet in the same position, elevate the chest slightly in front with eyes closed. The child's pose involves placing knees and top of the feet on the floor. Relax the abdomen and chest between the legs, and by stretching the arms in front, lay head on the floor.

Another pose for advanced-aged people is the downward-facing dog. To do the pose, slightly spread the feet, hinge forward at the waist and press palms flat into the floor. Place hips in the air and the shoulders and back should line up in a straight diagonal line. The tree pose can prove to be a challenging balancing act since it involves standing on one leg, bringing a foot up to the ankle, shin or thigh depending on the person's flexibility.

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