What Are Some Beginning Signs of Diabetes?


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Some of the more common early signs of diabetes include increased urination and fatigue, states WebMD. When the body can't keep up with all the excess sugar in a person's body, the body eliminates it through the urine, which may lead to dehydration and feelings of fatigue, states Mayo Clinic.

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Increased thirst is another early sign of diabetes, as frequent urination from excess sugar may cause a person to drink more, according to Mayo Clinic. Another common early sign of diabetes is weight loss, even when a person is eating normally, according to WebMD. When a person loses sugar through her urine, her body loses calories. Diabetes also prevents sugar from entering the body's cells, which leads to constant hunger, another early sign of diabetes. The two conditions combined may lead to rapid weight loss, especially if a person has Type 1 diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic.

Blurred vision is another common early symptom of diabetes, states WebMD. High levels of sugar in the body pull fluid away from bodily tissues, including the lenses of the eye. The lack of fluid in the eye can sometimes result in blurred vision. If left untreated, the body develops new blood vessels in the retina, which damage already established ones, leading to loss of vision and blindness, according to Mayo Clinic.

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