How Does Beginner Triathlon Training Work?

Beginner triathlon training involves practicing each of the components of the race, running, swimming and cycling, several times a week for several weeks before the event. When training for an event, those who have not trained before should be cautious to avoid training too much, too long or with too much intensity without working up to longer routines.

A beginner triathlon training program may consist of six weeks of training several days a week with at least one day off for rest. Different components of the triathlon may be practiced on different days of the week. As the weeks progress and the athlete is closer to competing in the event, the length of time training for each component should increase.

The intensity of training varies depending on the week and day of training. On some days, an athlete may be asked to swim at an easy pace. On other days, he may be asked to swim at a steady pace. The distance completed for each component may also vary. Towards the end of the training session, the athlete may be expected to complete the entire distance of the component, such as running the entire number of miles expected during the event.