Does Beer Raise Cholesterol?

beer-raise-cholesterol Credit: Lise Gagne/Vetta/Getty Images

While alcohol such as wine has been known to elevate levels of the "good" cholesterol HDL, beer and other liquor do not have a significant effect on any type of cholesterol. Beer consumption does have an impact on HDL levels but not as beneficial as wine. Furthermore, consuming more beer does not increase any potential benefits to cholesterol levels.

While the American Heart Association acknowledges that wine has benefits for the heart, it does not recommend that consumers use wine, beer or any other form of alcohol in an attempt to raise good cholesterol levels or lower bad cholesterol. Furthermore, consuming more than three alcoholic drinks, where 12 ounces of beer equals a drink, in a day actually increases the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, drinking more than anything that falls under moderation poses a detriment to overall heart health. Despite its benefits in moderation, people looking for different ways to regulate cholesterol must not turn to alcohol. Rather organizations like the AHA and the American Psychological Association recommend other methods such as eating a healthy diet, watching the weight and exercising regularly as well as reducing stress levels in order to maintain a healthy heart and a regular cholesterol level.