What Are Bed Sores?


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Bedsores are caused by excessive pressure to the skin that limits blood flow to tissues, according to Mayo Clinic. Friction that occurs when skin that is not well-protected by body fat or muscle rubs against surfaces, such as beds or wheelchairs, also contributes to bed sores.

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Bedsores are also referred to as pressure sores and typically develop on areas of the body such as the hips, heels and tailbone, WebMD explains. Bedsores develop in multiple stages. The first sign of a bedsore is a red, firm spot on the skin that does not lose color when pressed. The area also may be tender and warm. During the second stage, the skin becomes ulcerated. During the third stage, the sore moves deeper into the tissues and creates a crater. During the last stage, the sores move into the surrounding bone and muscles.

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