How Do You Become a Vegan?


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To become a vegan, avoid all animal products when cooking, use vegan substitutes, and supplement your diet if necessary. Educate yourself about living a vegan lifestyle, and determine the extent to which you plan to avoid using animal products for any purpose.

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  1. Substitute animal based ingredients when cooking

    Do not assume that you have to stop eating your favorite dishes. Use vegan-friendly alternatives to animal-based ingredients. For example, consider using ground flaxseeds to duplicate the thickening effect of eggs in cooking, or use soy or almond milk as a replacement for cow's milk or goat's milk.

  2. Search for vegan alternatives

    Frequent health food stores to discover new foods. Find a good vegan cookbook, and search the Internet to discover simple and tasty vegan recipes. When planning to dine out, choose vegan establishments or restaurants that serve Oriental cuisine, as they tend to offer many vegan alternatives.

  3. Supplement your diet when needed

    Continue to eat a balanced diet by replacing meat with a healthy source of protein. Take nutritional supplements to compensate for any deficiencies that a vegan diet can cause.

  4. Educate yourself on the benefits

    In order to strengthen your resolve to continue, read extensively about the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. Talk to others that are following a vegan diet, and ask them for advice.

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