How Do You Become Stronger?


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To increase strength, begin a weight lifting routine that includes low repetitions during the warm-up sets that gradually build to heavier weights used for the last few sets. In addition, working out with a trainer helps with motivation during a strength-building session.

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Rigorous cardiovascular workouts prior to a weight lifting session may also help. For example, complete three sets of three reps of box jumps to warm up legs before lifting to recruit maximum muscle. Stretching exercises also help prepare muscles for a weight lifting session that promotes strength building.

Wearing a weight belt may also help to maximize the workout and build strength. Not only does a lifting belt support the lower back, it also adds at least 10 pounds to a person's presses, deadlifts and squats.

Build more strength and endurance before each workout with a few planks or pushups to wake up the core of the body, which may better support each lift. While lifting weights, it may also help to squeeze the bar for three to five seconds before each set. When squeezing the bar, the body is forced to feel tight, which reminds you to stay tight during the lift, increasing the strength of the muscles.

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