How Do You Become Skinny Fast?


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To become skinny fast, a person should eliminate sugars from his diet and partake in high-intensity interval training, states Authority Nutrition. By undertaking these two measures, a person can increase the likelihood of losing weight and becoming skinny fast.

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Sugar and starches are the primary foods that secrete insulin. Insulin is the common fat hormone found in the body, states Authority Nutrition. When a person takes dietary measures to decrease insulin levels, the body's metabolism has an easier time burning fat. In addition, lower levels of insulin are linked to less bloating, since water is flushed out of the body during this metabolic state.

A person can get skinny fast by participating in high-intensity interval training. This type of training involves shorter, sprint intervals as opposed to longer, moderate activity, states the National Strength and Conditioning Association. After training under this method, the body continues to burn calories for roughly another 24 hours. This phenomena is known as post-exercise oxygen consumption. During the recovery period, the body's oxygen levels increase, thus causing the metabolism to continue to burn calories. The body's heart rate also remains higher than normal, thus promoting healthier circulation. This rigorous routine is said to be more effective in assisting with rapid weight loss.

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