How Do You Become a Member of Al-Anon?


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To become a member of Al-Anon, use the resources on Al-Anon.org to locate meetings in your area, and then attend a meeting. In some areas, there are designated beginners' meetings for newcomers. In other areas, new members simply receive program literature at regular meetings. There are no fees associated with joining Al-Anon, as of 2015, although there is a basket for voluntary contributions to help fund the group's expenses at many meetings.

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There is no pressure for newcomers to speak or participate in any way other than listening at Al-Anon meetings. Attendees are free to share their struggles and offer hope and advice to one another to the extent they feel comfortable. The organization protects the anonymity of all who attend meetings, so individuals interested in joining do not have to worry about anyone finding out they attended. Al-Anon does not share any information members choose to disclose to the group with anyone.

Al-Anon is a support organization for people with loved ones who have drinking problems. People are welcome to join regardless of whether their loved ones are seeking the appropriate help for their alcohol addiction. Al-Anon focuses on helping affected individuals change their attitudes toward alcohol abusers in their lives rather than on helping them make their loved ones stop drinking.

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