How Do You Become Happier?

To become happier, the National Health Service recommends taking steps to change one's lifestyle, such as exercising frequently, getting enough sleep, eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables and avoiding alcohol. Changing one's behavioral and social habits also leads to increased happiness, such as building a strong support network of close family and friends, talking through problems openly and developing a positive inner dialogue.

The National Health Service also suggests people identify the situations in their lives that create stress and find ways to mitigate the pressure caused by them. Asking for help from others is a great way to reduce the burden of responsibility some people find unbearable. It may also be helpful to consider a career change or adjust a work schedule if a job is the source of stress.

It is important for people to find time to themselves during the day so they are able to unwind, meditate, read, listen to music or perform any other type of relaxing activity to clear head space, notes the National Health Service. Delving into a hobby or passion is beneficial to people who seek fulfillment and a creative outlet. Many people are hard on themselves and get caught in a loop of negative self-talk. To combat this, find ways to compliment oneself and search for things to be optimistic about, similar to the way a person might support a close friend.