How Do You Become Flexible?


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A good way to become more flexible is to engage in stretching exercises, which are considered helpful for increasing flexibility in muscles and joints. Stretching movements must be done correctly to avoid causing physical injury. Yoga is an excellent way to learn how to do safe stretching movements.

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To get the most benefit out of stretching exercises, do them right before engaging in physical activities such as walking, jogging, biking or playing sports. Avoid injury by sticking to comfortable stretching maneuvers that are easy to perform. It is OK to sit or stand while stretching. Certain yoga stretches are done while lying down. Because stretching is a low-impact form of exercise, movements are often done slowly while focusing on specific muscle groups. For example, a simple hamstring stretch involves starting in a standing position and slowly bending the body down toward the floor. During the entire stretch, the legs are kept straight. This movement allows the hamstrings to fully extend, improving range of motion in the legs.

For maximum impact, each stretching movement is usually held for about 30 seconds. Breathing is relaxed and normal. Keep in mind that stretching to improve flexibility should never be painful. For instance, don't get into a painful situation by trying to do advanced yoga stretches before mastering beginner-level movements.

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