How Do You Become Faster?


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Although there are several methods to achieve faster running, the simplest and most efficient method is by improving running fundamentals. The process involves warming up, correcting posture, using more efficient arm and leg motions, incorporating proper footwork, and learning proper breathing technique.

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  1. Warm up

    Before running of any kind, perform a proper warm-up routine. Warming up includes 10 minutes of jogging or walking, along with dynamic exercises such as skipping or lunges. Fitness and health websites provide many examples of warm-up exercises.

  2. Use correct running posture

    Using your core muscles to aid your posture, make sure that your shoulders are relaxed with an upright torso while running. It may be difficult to stay in proper form while running, but maintain the distance between your shoulders and ears.

  3. Increase the intensity of arm motions

    Bend your arms to form a 90-degree angle. Unlike the arm motions in a jog, forcefully drive your arm backwards to create momentum. Although this requires a higher intensity in arm motion, maintain the 90-degree angle and keep your shoulders relaxed.

  4. Use a shorter stride

    Run with short, quick strides. Short strides are faster than long strides, while also consuming less energy.

  5. Run with proper footwork

    Use your toes and forefoot to push off the ground, and bring your heel towards your butt. Land using your forefoot.

  6. Breathe properly

    Use relaxed breaths in unison with your strides in order to avoid unnecessary muscle tension.

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