How Do You Become a Better Runner?

To become a better runner, incorporate faster runs in your training program and occasionally train on hills. Lose weight, if necessary, and always get sufficient rest and keep a training log.

Faster running can be achieved by increasing stride turnover. Rather than increasing the length of your stride to cover more ground, focus on taking short steps while increasing the pace. When on training runs, incorporate some sprint intervals. Expect to experience some physical discomfort as you increase the pace of your runs. Repeatedly running a short and relatively steep hill is an excellent way to build strength.

Shedding a few pounds usually translates to faster times, and this can be accomplished by continued running along with eating a healthy diet. While training methods are important, getting sufficient rest is critical for recovery and the prevention of injury. Rest gives tired muscles the opportunity to repair themselves, so it is important to avoid running for a few days each week.

Keeping a training log can provide increased incentive to work hard as progress is seen and improvements are made. Log detailed information, such as distance covered, the amount of time needed to complete the run and the prevailing weather conditions.