How Do You Beat a Cold?


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Individuals can beat a cold by blowing their nose regularly to expel mucus, getting adequate rest, gargling with saltwater and drinking hot liquids, as noted by WebMD. Other ways include taking hot showers with lots of steam and applying cold or hot packs to the sinuses to relieve congestion.

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Sniffling with a cold often leads to sniffling mucus back into the head. When fighting a cold, blow the nose often to get rid of mucus. Get a sufficient amount of sleep in order to give the body's immune system energy it needs to fight off the cold. Gargling with saltwater can be beneficial for moistening a sore throat and alleviating symptoms. Similarly, a gargle with astringent properties, such as one made with tea that contains tanning, can work to tighten the mucus membranes and provide relief.

Hot liquids can help to prevent dehydration, sooth the inflamed membranes in he throat and nose and relieve nasal congestion. A steamy shower can also moisture the nasal passages and encourage relaxation. Hot or cold packs applied around the sinus area can alleviate congested sinuses. Propping up the head with an extra pillow can help facilitate the draining of the nasal passages.

A mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice or raspberry leaves steeped with a teaspoon of honey are popular home remedies for fighting a cold.

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