How Does Beano Prevent Gas?


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Beano prevents gas by providing a natural food enzyme to break down fiber into digestible sugars. The enzyme works on high-fiber foods including beans, broccoli and whole grains. The fiber breakdown occurs before the food reaches the colon, where gas forms, according to the Beano website.

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How Does Beano Prevent Gas?
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Flatulence is the passing of gas from the intestinal tract through the rectum, according to Drugs.com. In the average human, flatulence occurs about 14 times daily. Gas enters the intestinal tract by swallowing air or by the breakdown of foods in the digestive tract.

Other symptoms of gas include bloating and digestive discomfort according to Beano. By preventing the formation of gas, the product also helps to reduce these symptoms. Beano is available in tablets and quick dissolve sheets. It is most effective if a person takes it prior to the first bite of gas producing food.

In addition to using Beano, Drugs.com indicates that it is helpful to eat slowly to reduce the amount of air introduced into the digestive tract. If attempting to introduce more fiber into the diet, adding it slowly reduces the amount of gas that forms. Medications containing simethicone or bismuth help to reduce gas once it forms. If the individual is also lactose intolerant, reducing the amount of dairy food in his diet helps to reduce gas formation.

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