Which Batteries Are Used With Medical Apparatus?


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Primary batteries are most commonly used in medical apparatus. Various primary batteries are used in implantable pacemakers, hearing aids and even a battery-powered pill that delivers a camera to record images of a patient’s digestive system.

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Pacemakers use long-lived primary lithium-metal batteries that lose only 10 percent of their energy every five years. Lasting five to10 years and drawing 10 to 20 microamperes, pacemaker batteries hold twice the capacity of rechargeable lithium-ions and last five times longer than alkaline batteries.

Short-lived primary batteries are used in most hearing aids. With a capacity of 70 to 600 milliampere hours, these batteries last five to 14 days. Rechargeable versions with less capacity typically last about 20 hours between charging and offer an average of 500 recharges.

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