Are the Batteries of a Sonicare Toothbrush Replaceable?

The AA batteries in one of the two types of Sonicare toothbrushes are replaceable, but the rechargeable batteries in the other type are not replaceable, according to Philips, the manufacturer. The models with replaceable batteries are the Sonicare Xtreme and Sonicare Powerup. Batteries in the FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare Plus, Essence/CleanCare, DiamondClean, HealthyWhite, SonicareKids and PowerUp Rechargeable models can't be replaced.

Rechargeable batteries in Sonicare toothbrushes can't be replaced because the process of removing them destroys the toothbrush, according to Philips, but they can be removed for recycling before the toothbrush is thrown away. Sonicare toothbrushes with rechargeable batteries offer more consistent performance than those with replaceable batteries, the company said, and because they can't be overcharged, they can be stored on their plugged-in charging stations.

The Sonicare models that use replaceable batteries, such as the Sonicare Xtreme, are lighter than models with rechargeable batteries while still offering the same 31,000 vibrations per minute, according to dentist Richard Mitchell on Philips' Dental Health Advice webpage. They also are less expensive than rechargeable Sonicare models. Rechargeable batteries typically stay good for about two weeks between charging and last for many years with regular use, while regular AA batteries should be replaced every six weeks, Philips advises.