What Are the Basics of Holistic Nutrition?


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The basics of holistic nutrition include focusing on creating a balance for the biochemistry of the human body, explains altMD. A holistic approach to meals and nutrition focuses on viewing the human body as a whole unit that runs efficiently when each system of the body depends on other systems.

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Holistic nutrition focuses on eating quality ingredients that include locally grown whole foods and organic foods, according to altMD. Individuals seeking a holistic approach to eating are encouraged to eat nutrient-dense foods while avoiding processed foods and fruits and vegetables that have been degraded during preparation or growth.

The basics of holistic nutrition also include a strong understanding that good health and good digestion are closely related, explains altMD. People who adopt holistic nutrition see poor digestion as an indirect and direct precursor to illnesses that affect the mind, body and spirit. The optimal diet with holistic nutrition considers each person's biochemical makeup and heritage when seeking natural and organic foods.

Holistic nutritionists view a lack of quality nourishment as a step toward diminished brain functions and weakened spirits, explains altMD. The foods chosen and a person's ability to digest these foods is at the foundation of a person's overall well-being with holistic nutrition.

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