What Are Some Basic Facts About Teeth for Kids?


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Basic facts kids should know about teeth often revolve around hygiene, such as the fact that people who do not brush or floss their teeth can develop unhealthy gums and cavities that make the mouth sore and chewing difficult, explains KidsHealth. Tooth decay in children is also the most prevalent chronic childhood illness, as reported by the National Children's Oral Health Foundation.

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A fact about teeth that children may not know is that tooth decay that is not treated can lead to death, required emergency surgery, bacterial infections and malnourishment, as the National Children's Oral Health Foundation details. Tooth decay due to a lack of oral hygiene can also lead to infections and pains that affect learning, speaking and eating. Dental diseases also have links to dementia, pneumonia, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and poor pregnancy outcomes.

Additional facts about teeth and oral hygiene include the fact that approximately 17 million American children go without dental care every year. An estimated 43 percent of Americans do not have dental insurance, according to the National Children's Oral Health Foundation.

Children may also find it interesting that the hardest part of the body is tooth enamel, explains Munroe Falls Family Dentistry in Ohio. Additionally, the smile is often the first thing people notice about someone.

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