What Are Some of the Basic Tai Chi Movements?


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Basic tai chi moves include, "Commencement," "Single Whip" and " White Crane Spreads Wings." Most forms of tai chi begin with a "Commencement" move. The four main energies used in tai chi are utilized in the Commencement.

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The "Single Whip" movement allows for multiple strikes. It increases the energy flow in the arm and hand, through the fingers, and strengthens the arm. The "White Crane Spreads Wing" movement simulates the speed and force of a White Crane spreading his wings. Throughout the move, a person's hands are connected to their body, which results in the force of a hand strike coming from the entire body, not just the hands. Simple exercises that are used to warm up for a tai chi workout are, breathing exercises, coordination exercises and energy awareness exercises. These exercises include shoulder circles, back and forth rocking, and side to side head turns.

Tai chi is a way of movement that develops and increases a person's life force. Tai chi is a martial art that has a fighting element to it but is frequently used for its health benefits. It is a low-impact exercise that involves deep breathing. Tai chi was developed as a martial art over 500 years ago.

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