What Are Some Common Aerobics Steps?

basic-steps-aerobics Credit: Ty Allison/The Image Bank/Getty Images

According to AZ Central, basic aerobic exercise steps include: marching in place, knee lifts, stepping side to side, front kicks, butt kicks and jumping jacks. Wikipedia lists additional common steps, such as: lunges, corner-knee kicks, repeater knee and the V-step. For a beginner, a basic aerobic step involves placing one foot up onto an elevated step, then the other, in fast-paced repetitive steps.

Aerobic routines are composed of a series of paced movements that are done to counts, according to AZ Central. An instructor takes the group through a series of moves that are specifically choreographed to music that is between 130 and 155 beats per minute. Usually, faster music correlates with simpler aerobic movements. Routines that are more advanced match well with slower music. A fun aerobic move to learn is the V-step. This move is performed by stepping to the right, and then to the left, in a v-shaped pattern.

Aerobic routines are normally a combination of low-impact and high-impact steps, according to AZ Central. For instance, an instructor may start her class with a series of basic low-impact step moves for a warm up. She may choose to incorporate high-impact moves, such as jumping jacks and high kicks, during a regular routine.