What Is a Basic Home First-Aid Kit?


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A basic first aid kit should contain different types of bandages, antiseptic solution/wipes, adhesive tape, scissors/tweezers, antibiotic and hydrocortisone ointments, gauze, dressings, thermometer, cold pack, aspirin, a pair of disposable gloves and a first aid manual, suggests the American Red Cross. Personal medications, emergency phone numbers for doctors and family members, a flashlight and batteries are also useful items, relates Mayo Clinic.

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What Is a Basic Home First-Aid Kit?
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Some other items that may be useful to keep in an emergency home kit are candles, matches and some space blankets. People who have severe allergic reactions and need a prescribed medication should include this medicine in the kit. The kit should have enough items for the entire family. Although it is important to have these kits ready for home use, it is also advisable to have one in the car. The kit should be in an accessible location in the home, but situated in a place where small children will not have access to it.

Check the kits on a regular basis to check for expired items and replace them. First aid kits are available for purchase, but are also simple to put together. A basic first aid kit is important because items that are often needed in emergency are found in one place. Being ready for an emergency also may require knowing how to administer proper first aid. People may consider taking a course to learn first-aid techniques, suggests Mayo Clinic.

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