What Are Some Basic Exercises You Can Do With Dumbbells?


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BodyBuilding.com lists the hammer curl as a good dumbbell exercise for beginners. It is performed by holding the dumbbell at the side of the body with the inside of the wrist facing the body. The dumbbell is then raised by bending the arm until the dumbbell reaches near the shoulder.

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The dumbbell is then slowly lowered to its original position. Men's Fitness lists the floor press as a good triceps workout. It is performed by lying with your back on the floor. The shoulders and elbows lie on the floor with the wrist supporting the dumbbell in the air, creating a 90-degree angle. The dumbbell is raised in the air to the arm's maximum position and then slowly lowered to the starting point. It recommends three sets of 10 repetitions. BodyBuilding.com has a large list of dumbbell exercises for experts and beginners.

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