What Are Some Basic Diet Guidelines for Those With Low Blood Sugar?

People with hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, should follow a diet that emphasizes complex carbohydrates and limits simple sugars found in candy, fruit juices and soda, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Complex carbohydrates are high in soluble fiber and slower to digest, which reduces the rate at which blood sugar changes.

Generally, hypoglycemics should follow a diet similar to a diabetic diet in order to manage blood sugar levels, states the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. However, sugar restriction and high amounts of protein can have a negative impact on glucose tolerance. The fructose found in whole fruit may be beneficial for some hypoglycemics as it doesn't require insulin in order for the cells to absorb the sugars. Protein from animal sources contains high amounts of saturated fat and creates a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease.

A healthy diet for diabetics, prediabetics or individuals managing their blood sugar levels includes a variety of nutritious foods with a low glycemic index, according to Mayo Clinic. The glycemic index rates foods based on the impact it has on blood sugar. Foods with a higher index number have a more rapid impact on glucose levels. Individuals should monitor the fat content of foods as well, as many low-index foods may have high fat content. Generally, high-fiber foods such as whole-grain cereals, breads and brown rice are healthier choices than highly processed foods such as white rice and white bread.