What Are the Best Baseball Workouts?


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According to Men's Fitness the best baseball exercises are the one-arm push-up, overhead wall ball throws, one-legged squats, split jumps, agility ladder drills and single-leg/single-arm rows. Adding these exercises to a workout routine helps to make a five-tool player, which means that a player has the overlapping skills of excellent speed, a powerful fielding and hitting ability and exceptional arm strength.

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To achieve excellent speed needed for base running, lower body training and resistance running is necessary. Legs are strengthened with eight repetitions of parallel one-legged squats with dumbbells performed three times. Ten repetitions of split jumps, which is when one jumps straight up with the front foot landing heel first while keeping the front knee behind the toes, done three times completes the lower body training. Treadmill sprints in which one runs 15 seconds, rests 30 seconds, runs again for 15 seconds and rests one minute serve as resistance running to complete speed training.

Fielding workouts involve agility ladder drills such as both left and right lateral ladder drills with 15 sprints two times in sets of two. Hitting ability is gained by single leg/single arm rows, which entail holding a dumbbell opposite of the planted leg and bending over in a 45-degree angle while the other leg is held straight out. Three sets of cable chops are added to the plan, which are begun with placing one knee on the ground with the top of the foot planted flat and the opposite knee up. The gluteal muscles are squeezed while pulling the cable from the kneeling side to the chest. Elbows must stay to the side in order to extend the triceps muscle.

Arm strength for throwing is accomplished by performing eight to 12 repetitions of alternating one-arm push-ups done three times and 15 reps of three overhead wall ball throws with an eight- to 12-pound ball.

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