Which Bandage Has the Best Adhesive?

bandage-adhesive Credit: Jamie Grill/N/A/Getty Images

Nexcare Clear and Band-Aid Clear kept are recognized as the bandages with the best adhesive, according to ConsumerReports.com; these bandages kept moisture out more than 60 percent of the time when tested.

The most popular bandages, according to sales, are Johnson and Johnson Band Aids, explains Amazon. Band Aid is also rated as America's most popular brand on its website, as it is also widely used by international consumers.

Band Aid carries a wide variety of adhesive bandages, such as flexible fabric adhesive, decorative, advanced healing, and waterproof. The waterproof adhesive tends to be stronger and last longer than the other adhesive bandages. Amazon also recommends McKesson, Orthopad, and Bacon Strips bandages; they have received excellent customer reviews and high ratings on Amazon.