What Is IT Band Hip Pain?


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Illiotibial band syndrome is an irritation and inflammation of the illiotibial tendon as it rubs against the lower portion of the femur bone, according to Medscape. IT band syndrome is an overuse injury caused by repetitive flexion and extension of the knee. It is common in runners, cyclists and people who engage in aerobic activities. Treatment consists of rest, anti-inflammatory drugs and stretching exercises.

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The illiotibial band is a thick band of fibers that begins at the iliac crest in the hip and runs along the outside of the thigh until it connects to the tibia, or shinbone. The muscles of the buttocks and the hip joint attach to it. The IT band coordinates muscle function and stabilizes the knee. If the band becomes irritated, friction can occur during walking or running, causing pain. Sprinters are typically not susceptible. Long-distance runners who train on sloping roads can develop the injury, according to eMedicineHealth. Tennis players and bicyclists are also prone to ITB. The syndrome is characterized by knee pain, especially on the sides of the kneecap. Snapping hip pain as the IT band slides over the greater trochanter or point of the hip is another sign, according to WebMD. Patients should be evaluated for a biomechanical cause. The injury can worsen if not treated.

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