Is Balsamic Vinegar Gluten Free?


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Balsamic vinegar is considered a gluten-free food. Other kinds of vinegar are made from grains which contain gluten, but balsamic vinegar is made from pressed grapes. Grapes are naturally gluten-free. In addition, the distillation process for maturing vinegar removes gluten even from grain-based vinegars.

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Is Balsamic Vinegar Gluten Free?
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The only kinds of vinegar which do contain an appreciable amount of gluten are malt vinegars and enhanced vinegars. These contain additives from gluten-containing sources, such as barley, to impart flavor. The flavorings are added after the distillation process. Most other vinegars, including balsamic vinegar, contain gluten in amounts well below the 20-parts-per-million threshold used in the United States and internationally to classify foods as gluten-free.

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