Why Are Ballistic Stretches Considered Dangerous?

Ballistic stretching is considered dangerous, because it involves excessive stretching that can lead to injury, as stated by Healthline. It is not recommended for people who exercise to boost their flexibility or stay in shape. There are usually higher chances of a person pulling or straining his or her muscle, while performing these stretches.

Ballistic stretching is commonly performed by athletes, including basketball players, dancers, martial artists and football players. This exercise is done to help an athlete to kick with more force or to jump higher. It requires a great deal of force to do this stretching thus causing the muscles and tendons to extend, according to Healthline. The muscles in the body have sensors that can tell how far they are stretched. This helps to protect the joints from injury should the sensors feel much tension.

Forceful stretching can cause injury to the soft tissues around the joints, especially the ligaments, as stated by Healthline. This can lead to a condition known as tendonitis. Also, tearing of the muscles will lead to reduced flexibility overtime. However, ballistic stretching can be quite helpful, if it is done in the correct way. It can help to improve hamstring flexibility in people with firm hamstrings. Before doing this exercise, it is sensible for a person to talk to a doctor about its risks.