What Is the Bag Called That You Wear After Bladder Removal?


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A urostomy bag or pouch is the bag that a patient wears after bladder removal, according to Everyday Health. Part of the bag adheres to the skin and covers the stoma, while another part is a urine collection pouch. A patient uses a drain to remove the urine.

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Patients typically drain their urostomy bags several times daily, about same the number of times as they urinate, explains Everyday Health. The two basic types of urostomy bags are one-piece and two-piece pouches. One-piece pouches combine all of the bag's functions into one unit. The two-piece pouch design allows patients to remove their urine collection bags from the parts that adhere to their skin, and they can leave the adhesive on for up to five days before changing it. Patients' personal preferences determine which type of bag they use.

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