What Do You Do for a Bad Toothache?

There are several home remedies for toothache pain. A solution of salt and pepper can be made with a small amount of water and applied directly to the tooth to provide relief from hypersensitivity. Foods like garlic, cloves and onion offer relief as well, according to Top Ten Home Remedies.

Garlic cloves can be chewed to provide antibiotic care and pain-relief. Cloves and clove oil have a similar effect when crushed and applied in a solution of olive or vegetable oil. Apply the paste with a cotton swab. Rinsing your mouth with salt water can have curative effects as well, and will reduce inflammation and swelling, says Top Ten Home Remedies.

Vanilla extract is commonly used as an analgesic, and will greatly reduce tooth pain when applied directly with a cotton swab. For a strong cleansing effect, juice wheat grass and use it as a mouthwash. When gargled, wheat grass juice absorbs toxins from the gums and stems the growth of harmful bacteria. Wheat grass can also be used as a preventative medicine. When all else fails, try icing the painful area of the cheek or jaw, says Top Ten Home Remedies. Seek professional dental assistance as soon as possible to avoid further tooth decay or damage.