Is It Bad to Do Push-Ups Every Day?

According to personal trainer and journalist Brian Willett, doing push-ups every day is bad because it may lead to muscular imbalance and inadequate recovery. Willet notes that anyone developing a training plan should be aware of the risks associated with adopting a workout routine that includes daily push-ups.

People typically attempt push-ups daily because this type of exercise is accessible, is easy to do and serves as efficient muscle strengthening as it works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, according to Brian Willett. However, push-ups do not develop all muscle groups equally, and doing push-ups every day may overdevelop chest muscles while leaving back muscles less developed. This may effect posture and also limit functionality while performing high-intensity activities such as sports.

A 2009 study showed that beginners should only work out two or three times a week, and even advanced exercisers should train no more than six times a week, according to Brian Willett. This is because recovery time is necessary for optimal growth of muscles, and neglecting that recovery time may negatively affect the ability to build strength and muscle. Willet explains that while push-ups remain an optimal way of exercising chest, triceps, shoulders and lower back while staying motivated, doing push-ups every day at the expense of rest days and alternate exercises is bad.