Is It Bad to Peel Sunburned Skin?

bad-peel-sunburned-skin Credit: Fatih GArgAn/E+/Getty Images

According to SheKnows, peeling sunburned skin is bad because it has the potential to lead to infection. If there is a section of dead skin that is hanging off, a pair of small scissors should be used to remove only the section of skin that has become detached.

The Mayo Clinic says that the symptoms and signs of sunburn usually appear within the first few hours of exposure. When dealing with sunburn, the clinic recommends taking a cool bath or shower. If the pressure of the water is too much, a clean towel that has been dampened with cool water should be applied. Aloe vera or moisturizing lotion needs to be applied several times a day, and blisters need to be left alone to heal naturally.