What Are Bad Gallbladder Symptoms?


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Symptoms of gallbladder problems include pain under the right shoulder, severe abdominal pain and pain that gets worse after eating, according to Everyday Health. Additional symptoms of gallbladder issues are chest pain, nausea and indigestion.

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What Are Bad Gallbladder Symptoms?
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Depending on the type of gallbladder condition, different symptoms may be displayed. However, most gallbladder issues begin with pain in the upper abdomen, says Everyday Health. Additional symptoms include heartburn, vomiting, shaking with the chills, jaundice, unusual stool color and a tender upper abdomen. Certain issues, such as gallstones, may not cause any symptoms. Gallstones are usually detected during X-rays or CT scans for other conditions.

It is recommended by Everyday Health to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis if experiencing any of the associated symptoms. Common problems related to these symptoms include biliary colic, an inflamed gallbladder and chronic gallbladder disease. Biliary colic is the term used for episodes of severe pain caused by the cystic duct being blocked by gallstones. During these episodes, the gallbladder contracts vigorously against the blockage, which causes intense pain. Biliary colic can last for up to two hours, but occurs infrequently.

Possible causes for bladder inflammation include gallstones, excessive alcohol consumption, infections or tumors that cause bile build-up. If a fever is present with bladder inflammation, seek medical treatment, advises Everyday Health.

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