How Bad Is a Cerebellar Pontine Stroke?


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Symptoms of a cerebellar pontine stroke include balance issues, double vision and dizziness without the usual symptoms of one-sided body weakness, according to the American Stroke Association. While cerebellar pontine strokes, also called pontine or pons strokes, damage brain activity causing a variety of symptoms, prompt treatment often alleviates them.

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The pons provides a pathway for body motor activity, the American Stroke Association reports. It also controls blood pressure and breathing. More severe pons stokes induce locked-in syndrome, leaving the patient with eye movement alone. The faster blood flow is returned to the damaged tissue, in the case of stroke caused by a blood clot, the greater the chances for recovery.

As with more common strokes, damage varies in severity and brain location, as do chances of recovery, according to the American Stroke Association. Similarly, risk factors for these attacks resemble those for common strokes, such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes, as do their causes, including clot and hemorrhage.

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