What Is Bacteriostatic Water Used For?

Bacteriostatic Water is used to prepare drugs for injection by diluting or dissolving medications, as explained by RxList. Bacteriostatic Water can be used for drugs injected subcutaneously, intravenously and intramuscularly.

Bacteriostatic Water is made from a combination of 0.9 percent benzyl alcohol and a bacteriostatic preservative, according to Drugs.com. The drug comes in a sterile vial and has a chemical formula of H2O. Despite its H2O designation, Bacteriostatic Water is not used as a fluid replacement, nor is it used in epidural or spinal procedures, as listed under the drug's contraindications by Drugs.com. RxList warns against using Bacteriostatic Water in neonatal patients, while side effects for use of the drug in pediatric patients remains understudied as of 2014.