Is Bacon Good for You?


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Bacon is generally not considered a healthy food product. If eaten, the bacon should be consumed in moderation to minimize its impact on health.

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As many as 68 percent of the calories that come from eating bacon are from the fat and a large share of that is saturated fat. Saturated fat increases the likelihood of developing heart disease. There is also a possible link between bacon and the development of certain forms of cancer. Bacon contains nitrates, which can possibly lead to cancer. The environment in which the pigs is also a contributing factor to the unhealthy state of bacon. Pigs are intelligent creatures who suffer from high stress on the farms on which they live. The stress leads to high incidences of illness and the development of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, as noted by The Huffington Post. As a result, consumers are at risk of illness by eating the bacon.

Bacon also has a lot of sodium, which is responsible for high blood pressure and heart disease. Four slices of bacon can account for half of the sodium allowed each day. There is also a possible link between eating bacon and reduced sperm count. Bacon can be a better choice than sausages, however. Sausage has more calories and fat than bacon does.

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