What Is Baclofen Used to Treat?


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Baclofen is an oral medication that is used to help relax muscles primarily in patients with spinal cord diseases and multiple sclerosis, according to MedlinePlus. The medication can also be used for a host of other conditions that cause painful muscle contractions. It reduces pain, which makes it ideal for some patients to use before physical therapy.

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Baclofen affects the central nervous system, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some of its side effects are caused by the medication, but others may be caused by the effect the baclofen has on the central nervous system.

Some of the common side effects include drowsiness, weakness, confusion, dizziness and upset stomach, according to MedlinePlus. Frequent urination, headache and insomnia are also possible, according to Drugs. If any of these symptoms occur, patients should take care when doing daily activities. If these side effects severely impact the patient's life, a doctor should be contacted. More serious complications, including seizures and difficulty breathing, are also possible. These are emergencies that require immediate medical attention.

This drug is usually taken three times per day, but a doctor may alter that schedule. Consequently, anyone who on baclofen should take it exactly as prescribed.

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