How Do You Do a Backflip?


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Doing a backflip requires a high jump, a tightening of the stomach muscles to start the rotation, and a bending of the legs to make the rotation faster. It is an acrobatic move that requires a medium level of skill and a certain amount of confidence.

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Taking precautions ahead of time will make the experience safer and more enjoyable.

  1. Preparation
  2. When learning to do a backflip for the first time it is advisable to use crash mats and a spotter to help prevent injuries. Overcoming fear is the most common barrier to achieving a backflip, and a crash mat and spotter will help with this.

  3. Jump straight up
  4. The start of the move is a standing position with the feet shoulder width apart. The knees should then be bent before jumping while the arms should be used to swing up and increase the momentum. A common misconception is that the jump should be backwards.. The successful way to accomplish a backflip is to jump upwards as high as possible.

  5. Rotate
  6. Once in the air the stomach muscles should be tightened to start the rotation. The legs should be pulled into the body to make a form that is as small as possible. This increases the speed of the rotation.

  7. Land
  8. When coming past the halfway point the floor will become visible again. The jumper should pick a spot on the floor and, when it feels right, start to unfold to bring their feet down for the landing. At the end, the jumper should be in the same standing position that they started from.

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