Why Does the Back of My Throat Itch?


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The most common cause of an itchy throat is allergies, which occur as a result of an allergen triggering an immune response in the body, according to Healthline. Potential allergens include pollen grains from grass, weeds and trees; mold; animal dander; dust; and some foods, such as peanuts and strawberries.

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Other potential reasons for an itchy throat include inhaling pollutants, such as chemicals, tobacco smoke or cleaning products, adds Healthline. An itchy throat is often the first sign of a sore throat, indicating a possible viral infection, such as a cold, flu or strep throat.

The length of time symptoms are present differentiates allergies from colds. An itchy throat that persists rather than progressing into a sore throat accompanied by other cold symptoms indicates an allergy, according to WebMD.

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