How Is Back Pain Caused by Arthritis Treated?

How Is Back Pain Caused by Arthritis Treated?

Back pain caused by arthritis can be treated with medicine or with hot and cold compresses, according to Healthline. Some popular medicinal choices include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and topical rubs, states the Arthritis Foundation.

The type of medicine a person takes to ease back pain caused by arthritis depends on the type of arthritis a person is experiencing, explains Healthline. The doctor usually determines the best medicine for individual patients to take, which could include over-the-counter pain killers or prescription medication.

Another type of drug commonly used to help deal with arthritic back pain is a class of drug called disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, or DMARDS, states Healthline. These medicines help control painful future flare-ups by blocking the chemicals released when antibodies attack joint tissue. These medicines also help prevent future damage caused to the joints.

Spinal injections are another way to relieve arthritic back pain, notes Healthline. These injections often work very quickly and involve injecting a corticosteroid of analgesic directly into the nerves of the spine. The effects of this treatment can last a few weeks or up to several months, depending on the specific treatment used.

Surgery is typically used as a last resort for chronic arthritis pain sufferers, states Healthline. However, these surgeries can often be very effective in reducing pain. Common surgeries include spinal fusion and realigning and stabilizing the spine.