What Are Some Back Exercises Using Dumbbells?


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Back exercises to perform with dumbbells include the wide row, bent-over row, dead lift, stiff-legged dead lift, bend-to-opposite foot, back fly and two-arm dumbbell reverse fly. Choose between four and six back exercises, and perform three sets of 12 reps for each exercise to maximize the potential of each back workout.

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Perform the wide row by placing a dumbbell in each hand, flexing the knees to a squatting position and lifting the dumbbells straight up. Breathe out when lifting the dumbbells and breathe in when returning to the starting position. The dead lift involves grabbing a dumbbell in each hand, bending the knees and hips straight down, and rising back to the starting position after a brief pause.

Back exercises are necessary for developing a strong posture, muscle balance and a compact core. This is important for people who sit at a desk for multiple hours per day. Gym-goers who only focus on abs and pectoral muscles can develop slouched postures, so striking a balance between frontal and back exercises is important.

Back muscles are also important for strength purposes, particularly for activities such as climbing and rowing. However, back exercises should not be performed if pre-existing back problems exist.

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