What Are Some Back Exercises for Stenosis?

What Are Some Back Exercises for Stenosis?

Some recommended back exercises for spinal stenosis include flexing, stretching and muscle strengthening exercises. Therapy in the form of regular physical workout plays a crucial role in treating spinal stenosis, states the American College of Rheumatology.

Spinal stenosis results from the compression or "pinching" of the spinal cord and nerve roots due to pressure exerted in the spine, which is typically brought on by osteoarthritis. This medical condition is characterized by loss of strength or sensation, physical discomfort and cramping.

Patients diagnosed with spinal stenosis frequently complain of radiating pain that starts in the back and spreads out in the hip region and down the leg. Medically referred to as "sciatica," this common symptom of spinal stenosis can be alleviated by regularly engaging in back exercises.

Flexion-based exercises, such as back flexion, stretches the muscles of the lower back, which may provide relief from sciatic pain. This workout can be done by lying face upward and then gently bringing the knees closer to the chest. This position is usually held for 30 seconds. Patients should work towards achieving around four to six repetitions of this exercise, suggests Spine-health.

Back exercises for spinal stenosis that are designed for strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles include the hook-lying march. This can be performed by alternately lifting each leg about 3 to 4 inches from the floor while lying supine. One "march" takes around 30 seconds to complete, with each march having a half-a-minute break in between. Patients are recommended to complete two to three repetitions of the hook-lying march.