How Do Back Braces Correct Bad Posture?


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Back braces correct bad posture by gently pulling the shoulders back, pushing the thoracic region slightly forward and pulling the belly toward the back of the spine. Strong elastic panels in the back and front of the brace help support and contain the abdominals, and this pulls the lower-back region of the spine forward, notes Laser Spine Institute.

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The majority of posture braces are made from stretchable materials and bendable metal elements to ensure comfort and support. When selecting a brace to purchase, patients should look for features such as adjustability, proper back and shoulder support and the ability to wear the brace under clothing, explains Laser Spine Institute.

The benefits of wearing a back brace to correct bad posture include reduced back pain, improved circulation, fewer tension headaches and the ability to breathe more deeply. Gaining proper posture from wearing a back brace also enables a patient to stand taller and more confidently, which improves the patient's overall appearance and self-esteem, states Laser Spine Institute.

There are some conditions, however, that a brace cannot address. If a patient experiences painful symptoms, such as herniated discs, inflamed ligaments or a pinched nerve that has developed as a result of bad posture, it may be necessary to consider a procedure to correct the problem, notes Laser Spine Institute.

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