Are Babies at Risk for Chicken Pox?


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Babies are at risk for chicken pox, according to Mayo Clinic. Chickenpox affects babies and adults alike; those who have never had the disease or who have never been immunized are at the greatest risk for contracting it.

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According to Healthline, chickenpox, also known as varicella-zoster, is a virus that often affects children, but can be prevalent in adults as well. It is characterized by itchy, red blisters that appear all over the body. Exposure to the virus through previous infection, vaccination or immunity passed from mother to newborn (immunity lasts about three months from birth) reduces risk. According to Mayo Clinic, newborns and infants whose mothers never had chickenpox or the vaccine have a high risk for contracting the disease. Health A-to-Z reports that chickenpox is so contagious that 90 percent of a patient's family will probably also develop the illness if they live in the same house and are not already immune.

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